The People



Phil Cuddeback

I am a farmer at heart. I love to work with my body and mind, to be challenged daily and to work with nature to create new life. My interest in agriculture began here in Maine went to college at Bowdoin. I was absorbed into a supportive local food community while exposed to the unsightly realities of industrialized farming, and I was captivated. Since that time, I have worked on farms in Maine, Nicaragua, California, Boston and New York City. Though 2018 marks the first year for my farm, I see it more accurately as the culmination of an exploratory phase in my life.

Oh and did I mention I love pigs.

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Meredith Mineo

I have always appreciated the power food has to create an experience whether that's cooking for myself or sharing a meal with family and friends. Professionally, I have helped food businesses become operationally sustainable, provide professional development to their employees, and create meaningful impact within their communities. For me, apprenticing on a farm is the ultimate connection between food, work, community, and how I want to live. I knew I wanted to work with a farmer whose values aligned with my own. Someone growing on a small farm using practices that promote the health of the soil and the earth; who believes food should nourish you fully and appreciates the experiences of cooking, eating, and enjoying it with others; who has the desire to meaningfully contribute to and support their community; and a strong conviction that how you choose to work and live should reflect all of these values. I couldn't be more fortunate to be apprenticing with a farmer like Phil.


And this native New Yorker couldn't imagine a better place to move to and farm in than Maine, a place that has fully captured my heart.